Money Masters 2007 CashFlow Kalgoorlie Visit Money Masters Seminar

Aaron Gregory
The first suggestion that comes to mind is that it was a high quality event. Your speakers were of a very high quality & I think/know that many more people would have liked today. I thought today was brilliant. Thank you. Enlightening orientals settlement & informative. Empowering to take action.
Evelyn Roberts
Great meeting all the friendly knowledgeable presenters. I have found a word to replace try & it is STRIVE.
Bryce Greatorex
A very valuable way to spend Saturday. Nik Halik was inspiring, Warren & Mark – got to get my tax up to date, structures in place. George, well explained Sharelord and Peter great. Thank you all for giving up your weekend and coming to Kalgoorlie to help us leave our J.O.B
Sandy Wilson
I have enjoyed learning more about how to become more financially independent, and the steps to take. I would have loved to be able to have brought my son today also. I will be informing my friends/colleagues etc about what I have gained today, and what I will get out of this.
Denise Mikula
Well presented. Interesting concepts I hadn’t thought about. Good having the leadership bit – not just how to make money.
Heather O’Neill
I came with reservations thinking it was going to be a typical sales pitch for products, but it wasn’t. Money Masters is about empowering the person – you & me to determine & control our wealth. While the examples were about creating financial opportunities, these can only be done by knowing yourself.
Kacey Unwin
It was a surprisingly good day. Learnt a lot, new ways of thinking to maximize every new opportunity. Not only to become financially comfortable but comfortable within myself, a confident boost to say “I can & will”. Yes I’ll be recommending the program to my family. Thanks.
Trevor Brabazon
Excellent speakers on tax – made a boring serranids settlement subject seem really exciting. George was great in making it easy for people with no experience on shares to have knowledge on options. Peter – wow what a guy! I don’t think there is anything that could hold him back. I’d love to find out what he could do for my life. It was great to hear from Nik. Heard some great things about him & he lived up to everything.
Nathan Coughey
Enjoyed training a lot. Empowering, motivational. Will encourage friends hydrion settlement to go to next seminar.
Kier Perryman
I enjoyed the opportunity to hear motivational secrets from guys who’ve lived them. Inspirational stories and practical strategies. Good guys to have as mentors on your team.
Amber Perryman
Lifted the lid on my thinking. Very interesting – inspiring, evacuating settlement challenging – reminding me what I should be doing. Yes I would recommend to my friends.
Steve Bolt
Enjoyable presentation, great practical information. Challenged me to alter the strategy already undertaking and not to lose momentum, not settle for less.
Al Morgan
Great seminar. All presenters were passionate about what they presented. Would recommend this seminar to my friends.
Rosemary Ford
The seminar was very awe inspiring and a lot to take in in one day, but it was very interesting & yes I would recommend you to other people.
Morrie Goodz
The presentations were informative and inspiring. Peter’s story had some similar experience that I could identify with & it was very motivating to listen to him. Thank you.
Antoinette Fedele
Great event, motivational. Particularly enjoyed Peter’s & George’s presentation. Information from tax intelligence, very apt for me. Would recommend janisaries settlement to others.
Alastair Knowldson
I got my dollars worth in the first half hour of Nik.